Thursday, December 27, 2012

beyond and back

just returned from a show.  b. and i headed downtown to the ace of spades to see x, live and in person.  all original members, too, d.j. bonebrake, billy zoom, exene cervenka and john doe.  i was whelped on punk and x has loomed large in my life for over 30 years now.  but i've never, until tonight, seem them live.  don't know why.

the band was a tight unit.  aside from some minor p.a. system problems x ripped it up.  john doe always had a golden voice and the harmonies between him and exene were right on.  they seemed to enjoy themselves onstage.  that matters.  a band that looks bored or indifferent or sick of their own shit makes for hard concert-going.  and all band members have aged very well.

i would've been happy had they played 'nasauea' or 'los angeles'.  they played the most of their first two albums, LOS ANGELES and WILD GIFT.  guess where i was.  yep, i was in heaven.  ace of spades is located in a strip of restaurants and when we parked the car the attendant asked, you here for burgers and brew?  what? we asked.  the guy said, you here for the show?  hell yeah, he continued, i'm 43 and i think all the old punks are inside.

the guy was right.  i looked around and saw many grey heads wearing their chuck t's and social d. t-shirts.  i was in good company.  b. and i sidled toward the bar, ordered a couple of newcastle ales, and raised our bottles to middle-age punk. 

my ears are fucking ringing. 


At 7:17 AM, Blogger Todd Colby said...

Nice! I've seen X a few times in my life, back in the day. Exene and John are magical. Mr. Zoom always makes me smile. And DJ, well, he breaks bones. Yay middle-aged punk!

At 10:22 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Had a great time, Look forward to hoisting a few more Newcastle ales to middle-age punk-dom. B

At 12:51 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...


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