Sunday, September 28, 2014

my aching late 40-something feet!  there was a light sprinkle at mid-day.  anna gave nick and me a ride downtown to the convention center where there was a reptile and insect show.  the show is not a traveling zoo as i thought it was a couple of years ago.  no way.  it is a market where exotic creatures are for sale.  i asked a vendor how is the market for snakes and lizards.  he told me the market is great at the high end but crappy at the low-end.  high end: snakes for tens of thousands of dollars; low end: snakes for fifteen hundred and less.  sacramento is not a high end kind of town.  but he comes to the reptile show for the publicity.

nick and i are not in the market for such a pet.  we just like looking at all the astonishing creatures and insects.  this year nick was brave enough to hold a tarantula.  i, too, was brave enough to hold a tarantula and another arachnid that looked like a scorpion but was told -- emphatically -- by the retailer was not a scorpion.

but then we walked the two miles plus home.  after last night's adventure in the corn maze my dogs -- nicks too - are baying.

but then this evening my father visits and anna and i and my old man had a nice long talk about the fucked-up-edness of the world.

anna read last night's post and pointed out a couple of misspellings and awkward sentences.  i took notes.

jaws 2 [1978] is on the TV right now.  it's not a good movie.  but it ain't bad.  my old man took me and my brothers to see it.  i remember the exact theater, it is still there, and perhaps even the seats we were sitting in.

reading a few poets online.  my happiness is immense.

one poet reminds us that our lives need not leave happiness out.  another poet reminds us a life of humility is a revolutionary act.  


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