Saturday, July 18, 2015

i'm up at 1:22 a.m. saturday morning.  i'm amped a bit.  went to the california state fair today with nick, anna, and anna's sister.   the daytime high temp. was 103 F.  at least that was the measure the prius gave as we pulled in to the cal expo parking lot.

and the fair?  same as always, with a little changes.  which is what i love about the fair.  it barely changes.  or, it changes with the rest of our culture.  e..g. a tech expo that had demonstrations of virtual reality, titled occulus rift.  nick was first in line for it.  what did he see?  i'm not sure tho i was able to see a monitor of what he was seeing, a bunch of stars and asteroids.  but how did it feel to be wearing the VT device?  nick could only say, in so many words, it was mind blowing.

thus there was a prediction.  by 2025 -- 10 years from now -- robots will occupy the space low-wage human workers now occupy; computers will be so integrated in our society we will not notice their presence; computers will possess an intelligence that shall integrate them in our society.

i'm not frightened of computers or AI.  i find it all absolutely thrilling.  i can't wait for my self driving car.  i shit you not.  i hate driving and if i have a vehicle that can safely navigate city streets and rural roads without my so say i say it is for the greater good.

still, predictions are hard to make with any accuracy.  i do think autonomous vehicles are right around the corner.  as for the other predictions about robots i don't know.  but if you ask me now i think robots will be in many low wage worker jobs, like flipping burgers at mcdonalds, making burritos at chipotle, running the check out kiosks at walmart and target etc. etc.  i say look around and you will find that robots are already doing some of these jobs.

but then what when robots do all these things for us what will people do for a living.

i believe we are in a paradigm shift in our society.  we don't know where we are  going but we know the destination is different from what we envisaged.

hang on with all you got.   


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