Sunday, July 19, 2015

last night we were over at b., c. and j.'s house for dinner.  afterward b. and i fired up his laptop to look at music vids.  b. is a great collector of music with fantastic taste.  we grew up on punk, early rap, and other indie and outre genres. 

b. was playing for me a song by the outlaw country-rock band molly hatchet and attempting to convince me why it was worth my time and effort of listening.  that was when i noticed a police helicopter hovering overhead.  we went outside.  the chopper had its spotlight focused on the ground down the street.  the chopper's police p.a. made a few commands, like 'come outside with your hands up.'  over the noise of the chopper's blades we could hear police sirens.

some serious shit was going down and it was nearby.  a few neighbors came outside.  we talked to a few.  turns out it was a minor thing.  a fight i think.  one of the fighters was chased by the police into his house.  i think it was a he.  b. checked social media for any news but found little.  at any rate it was over after a few minutes and the police chopper flew off.

but then i was thinking what would it be like if this scenario was a movie.  an apocalyptic film.  we see the chopper's spotlight but we can't see what it is focused on.  we hear the commands of the police.  then we hear an explosion.  out of the distance and racing toward us is a car on fire.  that would be spooky as hell.

i would love to see the beginning of the end mediated thru our digital landscapes.  what would the TV news broadcast as the start of the zombie apocalypse be like.  how would social media report it.  the confusion, fear and budding paranoia.  well now.  a spin-off of the TV show the walking dead titled fear the walking dead is scheduled for broadcast next month.  i don't know what to say about this spin-off except that it is set in l.a. at the beginning of the zombie plague.  interesting premise.  below is the comic-con trailer for fear the walking dead.  i have been reluctant to post trailers for upcoming TV shows and movies for fear of them sucking hard and ruining my love of the horror genre.  but then again they are just shows.  like poetry is just words.  love them but don't get to hung up on them.

so with that attitude below i present the trailer for the spin-off zombie apocalypse TV show fear the walking dead and, even if it sucks boiled balls, it does look pretty damn interesting.



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