Monday, April 17, 2017

confessions of a middle-aged punk rock&roller

well, hell, the title of this little rant might make me sound like some uber-hip older dude that has his hand in the latest scenes

nothing can be further from the truth i am totally not hip and i am utterly not with the latest scene

we spent this easter weekend as hosts to relatives visiting from sweden then we tried to de-laminate the work week in anticipation of another stress-filled work week

but then the coachella music and arts festival was going on this week and thank goodness for the internet because the bands playing were broadcast over three channels via youtube

i sure as hell wouldn't want to be at the music festival in person but i am thankful that it is broadcast over the interwebs while all weekend i've been dipping in to the channels, i stayed up til 2:00 am on friday night watching an EDM dj by the name of dillon francis who i thought was very good

but were i to attend the music festival i think i'd be more interested in the peripheral art and activities rather than the musical performances

the periphery has always attracted me i know when i'm at the california state fair i am fascinated by the activities behind the scenes versus the public face of the state fair

and tho the public art of coachella is not behind the scenes art is not what gets the most, or any, press

brothers and sisters i am getting old i attended the first lollapalooza music festival in 1991 i recall wandering the grounds and seeing tattoo booths, art displays and sideshow sort of shit, that blew my mind

i confess i will be 50 this june, yes, put that in your pipe and smoke it, 50 years old, and yet i still feel like a teen or twenty-something and still think of myself as punk as fuck

i do love music but i would really, really like to see some behind the scenes sort of things about these music fests

oh, and when you think of old, all things are a matter of perspective, if your turn 25, you might think of yourself as a quarter century, because that is as old as you know, and if you turn 40, that is as old as you know too, as a poet wrote, 'i am no longer young/but someone is always older'

i might sound like i am complaining about turn a half century in age but no, i am amazed, and happy to have gotten to be this old

as for music, and art, we never do get too old, we live as well as we can, until we die 


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