Saturday, April 22, 2017

after doing our weekly chores today i fired up the netflix and watched the documentary on the chinese dissident and artist, ai weiwei, ai weiwei: never sorry [2012]

ai defined his life and art as a person as one who is exhilarated by life

and i thought yes

but i must say that a person who exhilarated by life is not confined to the artist but for all human beings

but perhaps the artist is the one who by her love of living refreshes the ordinary and reminds those who choose to listen/look/hear that we are strange and ordinary creatures imbued with hatred/kindness/prejudices/love etc etc

that's it the artist is the one who by her creations and own life endows magic to the ordinary and refreshes us to life once again

i am reminded of paul le fleur's definition of the poet/poetry being a poet is not writing a poem but finding a new way to live

i have used the word 'ordinary' a few times in this little piece because i find the subjects of extra ordinary states of being are dull cliches because we are limited by our intelligence our strengths and weaknesses our lusts and desires our appetites and our pettiness of 10000 things

even the very best of us are quite ordinary

now what we do with our ordinariness is the mission of a lifetime


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