Wednesday, October 01, 2014

everyday is halloween

don't tell me, okay tell me, today is October 1st.  that's right.  nick and i had a couple of errands to run after work/school.  we shopped at Target.  we lingered over the halloween section.  i bought a DVD of a crappy movie based on a ride at disneyland starring steve gutenberg [i'll write about it after i watch it, if i dare].  i am watching a halloween special right now on the Travel Channel.  and but plus it gets darker earlier in the evening, the air is just a bit softer and the light is umber and gold.  it is now, for reals, the Scary Season.

i got a kick when i found this TV commercial for shasta cola from 1976 a few nights back.  memories of it returned as i watched the commercial.  featuring Dr. Frankenstein and his monster, dubbed igor, this little gem took me right back to the 1970s.

feast yr eyes



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