Thursday, July 23, 2015

100 days to halloween

anna is more connected to the 21st century than i am.  to wit: she has an iPhone.  i don't have any phone.  not even an old-fashioned flip phone.  the world has changed so much to digital life we just watched a sitcom where the entire show was films via a computer screen.  the characters, texted, skyped, facebooked, and emailed each other for the whole show.

indeed.  and on anna's iPhone is an app that countdowns the days to halloween.  as of today there are 100 days to the spooky high holiday.  whenever anna plays that app for me, complete with spooky music and maniacal laughter, images of spiders, ghosts and a smiling jack o'lantern, i feel an increase in my serotonin uptake.  there are some stuff that makes us feel good and for me that stuff is things halloween.

yes, we are in the middle of summer.  but summer is different for an adult than it is for a child.  first of all adults don't have 12 weeks off work like children have 12 weeks off of school.  i love summer.  i do.  i am looking forward to spending a week in cayucos next month.  this will be our third summer in cayucos, the beach town time forgot.  i mean, in cayucos i half expect to see frankie, annette and the gang go-go dancing to dick dale's surf guitar on a.m. radio while eric von zipper and his rats and mice looks on with anger and envy. 

but when we get back from cayucos it will be september.  nick will be back in school.  the weather will still be hot but the light will be changing from a harsh glare to a warm gold haze.  then slowly, but really it ain't slow for time moves at light speed and what happened five years ago seems like it was just yesterday, the weather shall cool.  pumpkins will appear in the markets.  halloween adverts will be all over the media.  and i will be in heaven because as i said halloween is my favorite day of the year and the spooky season, autumn, is my favorite time of the year.

100 days.  and those days will go by just like that.


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