Saturday, October 08, 2016

everyday is halloween

i was 15 when i took a girl to see george a romero's/stephen king's feature creepshow [1982]i had a crush on the girl but alas like most teenage infatuations this was an extremely short lived relationship.  we soon went our separate ways.  c'est la vie.  but my love affair for this movie was just beginning.  this flick solidified my passion for my beloved genre of horror.  for 30 plus years now this pic continues to delight.  so in honor of the scary season i give you the intro to this movie.  it features a brilliant score by john harrison whose music burnished within my grey matter the memories of long saturday afternoon matinees.  notice too the jack o'lantern in the window of the house of the little boy who gets in trouble for reading horror comics.  yeah, man, it is halloween!



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