Saturday, October 22, 2016

everyday is halloween

it is just a few days before the great holiday and it seems that the scary season is passing too quickly.  i am doing what i can to observe the great holiday and every year i think i'm going to slow way the fuck down and enjoy it but, man!, i can't seem to slow the calendar down and the days fly by like a murder of scaredy crows.

what are you gonna do but keep the high holiday in your heart and celebrate it all year long.  right now suspiria [1977] is playing on television and tho dario argento's film about witches at a ballet school in germany is a little thin the lighting, editing and score by prog rock group goblin makes this flick scary as fuck.

but another thing that is scary is fuck is going shopping for some supplies at home depot this afternoon.  no, it ain't the shopping, nor the chores that made the shopping necessary, i'm talking about something else.  you see, because at home depot they set up their christmas displays.  yes!  before halloween!  christmas shit before halloween!  i'm still trembling.



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