Saturday, December 10, 2016

'her pet' by thom gunn

i'm up late on a youtube jag and i find this clip of thom gunn reading his poem 'her pet'.  this reading is taken from the VHS tape of gunn's lannan foundation reading in, i believe, 1994.  i have a copy of the video cassette, but as far as i know this reading has not been released to DVD, nor is it available via online streaming.  bummer.  gunn is a hero of mine.  but you know that.  i can't believe gunn passed away in 2004, which seems like yesterday to me, but is nearly 13 years ago.  so, in that light, who is writing his biography?  we are long past due for a volume of thom gunn's letters, and a biography.  c'mon, i'm waiting!


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