Sunday, August 02, 2015

dealing with a whole mess of emotional/familial issues right now i was looking forward to catching the latest episode of the swedish/english language TV sitcom welcome to sweden  tonight.  i am an honorary swede.  i married into a swedish family.  i've logged some serious time in sweden [not that serious, summer holidays really].  nick, for a lopez, looks like a swede.  then again, i am half norwegian.  my grandmother hails from bergen.  so what should a lopez look like, eh?

still, if i can claim a second country as my own it is sverige.  beautiful, wonderful, different.  i love watching the sitcom set in stockholm and looking at the city and the scenery with delight in recognizing the locations.  the vasa museum.  gamla stan [old town, stockholm].  etc. etc.

then i found out last week [anna told me] that NBC cancelled welcome to sweden due to terrible ratings.  the whole second season had aired in sverige.  NBC aired but a few of those episodes.  then cut boom nothing. 

bummer to the max.

it seems that if i like a TV show, e.g. my so-called life or freaks and geeks, that is the kiss of death for those shows.

i hope netflix or amazon prime makes this wonderful sitcom available. 

at a moment of my life when shit seems seriously shitty a dose of a TV sitcom might work wonders to soothe the psyche.  crack open a beer and watch a goofy couple, one american the other swedish, deal with life as a couple in 21st century sweden isn't too much to ask.

still i should express my gratitude that a sitcom that is partly spoken in swedish with english subtitles managed to hang on for, a while,  a second season.  i try to convince a few friends that foreign films with subtitles are as worthy of their attention as the latest american fare.  welcome to sweden nearly made it to two seasons on NBC is something special.

so anyway, it is sunday night.  without a welcome to sweden fix.  i am awake.  dealing with shit.  as all of us must deal with our own shit, sitcom or no.

perhaps i'll go watch a rerun saved on our DVR.         



At 4:28 PM, Blogger John B-R said...

Hi, Richard. Sorry to hear you'r up to your neck in it. If you want to talk you have my number. Just let me know when ...

At 9:05 PM, Blogger Glenn Ingersoll said...

So I was in Roseville last weekend for the Ingersoll Family Reunion. Have mixed feelings about it. I was glad I went and I had pleasant conversations with people I'd never met -- and some I didn't know existed. Whether I was building a foundation for something more -- or this was just a one-off -- I don't really know.

Will have to come up with another time to drop in on you.

Hope the shit turns to compost.

At 11:29 PM, Blogger richard lopez said...

hi glenn and john, i just emailed the both of you.


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