Friday, August 07, 2015

yes it is still summer time.  hot weather, bbqs, hours lounging by and in the pool.  but many kids go back to school next week.  in a few weeks the summer time commercials on TV will be replaced by autumnal commercials with fallen leaves, brisk temperatures, models wrapped in sweaters, etc. etc. 

yes, just like life, it happens that fast.

but as i posted a few days prior halloween is getting nearer.  for me halloween is in my soul.  everyday is halloween and i can look at halloween imagery any time of year.

the internet also makes things timeless.  whatever you are interested in there is a blog or facebook page dedicated to it.

so i am delighted to see the brilliant william keckler revive his halloween blog halloweeniana.

and there is also the always reliable, fantastic halloween blog pumpkin rot.

and i just discovered this halloween blog that got my undead heart aflutter the spooky vegan.  the author of this blog is all kinds of gaga crazy for things halloween including horror movie reviews, vegan recipes, horror collectibles and many other things that go bump in the night.

with all these websites and resources, and fellow ghouls who have halloween in their hearts i can get thru these dog days of summer with a lot of undead delight.





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