Saturday, October 29, 2016

everyday is halloween

it's been quiet here at casa de bronson/lopez.  i haven't written much.  the muse must have his GPS busted and can't find my front door.  oh well.  we haven't done our usual halloween haunts this year, such as get lost in the world's largest corn maze, or get scared silly at a haunted house.  c'est la vie.  still, halloween is in my heart all year long.  but we are still smack in the scary season even tho one of the TV stations, hallmark, is now broadcasting christmas movies, and one of the satellite radio stations is playing christmas music.  i mean, c'mon!  give me a break!  wait till after halloween okay?!  well, but what have i been doing to enjoy the scary season?  watching a shitload of goofy TV where halloween baking contests on the food network compete with slasher flicks broadcast on TCM.  oh, and revisiting some of my favorite halloween things such as this promo for a spookshow.



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