Wednesday, November 02, 2016

big joy: the adventures of james broughton [2013]

today is all soul's day, dia de los muertos, so what better way to spend the day after halloween than to do some chores then kick back and watch a few flicks.  this is one of those flicks that was broadcast on PBS a few months ago.  i watched it again this evening.

i don't have much to add but say that this documentary about the modesto, ca born, s.f. living poet/filmmaker is a delight.  further are the interviewees that give their memories of broughton who include kevin killian, jim cory and my favorite alex gildzen.

here's the thing about james broughton: his life insisted on pleasure, on joy.  few poets predicate their life, their life's projects, on joy.  broughton was born with a cheerful spirit.  and he lived in an era and locale, the late 20th century bay area, that encouraged delight and experimentation.  he lived at the right time and the right place for his joyful expressions in both film and poetry for love, sex, death and text.

but then again, his time and place can be extended for every one.  there is no good reason why we can't take broughton's example of delight, love and cheerfulness and create art, lives and societies that correspond to them.  i watched this documentary with utter pleasure.  i do not agree with what one talking head said, that marriage is an impediment to creative life that broughton had to break free from.  that may be true for broughton but for me my domestic bohemia is utterly dependent upon my family life.  there is no reason why poetry, domestic life are incompatible.  but that's my thing for james broughton shows us the adventure of life is pretty goddamn amazing and the joy we take in living/creating is worthy of our praise. 


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